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Network Partnership Initiative (NPI)

Network Partnership Initiative (NPI)

The NPI program is designed to support Quebec’s minority English-speaking communities in improving and maintaining access to the full range of Health and Social Services.

ACDPN is one of 24 community organizations and networks that are in partnership with the Community Health and Social Service Network (CHSSN). The CHSSN which was founded in 2000 and was designed to increase access to Health and Social Services and to promote vitality for the English-speaking communities of Quebec.

Through effective advocacy and representation, the network to address health inequities, influence policy and develop services at the local, regional and provincial levels. At ACDPN, we add another layer by focusing on issues specific to the English-speaking Black community that faces specific challenges due to their double minority status in Quebec as it pertains to not only language but also ethnicity.

Our objective is to share our expertise, develop partnerships and promote the adaptation of services to ensure that members of the ESBC have access to effective support with a focus on the importance of culture as well as language. NPI is funded by Health Canada and managed by CHSSN. 

Activities under the NPI program include: