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We are building what
Black Community should be

Our vision is to be a resource to members of the Black community in the Greater Montreal Area through the development of a network of organizations, experts and community members advocating for the healthy development and vitality of the Black community.

OUR Programs

ACDPN Programs

Alliance for Community Adaptation

We improve the outcomes of English-speaking Black families who have been signaled to youth protection through an innovative and equitable co-intervention model.

Network Partnership Initiative (NPI)

We promote the health and well-being of Quebec’s minority English-speaking communities by improving and maintaining their access to the full range of Health and Social Services.

Outreach Programs

We connect with members of the English-speaking Black community to strengthen our ties and empower them to access the services that they need.

Enhancing Regional Community Capacity (ERCC)

We provide educational support for children and parents in English-speaking Black families who are being educated in the Francophone school system.

McGill Partnership

We work in partnership with McGill University to increase access to health and social services in English and build bridges between health professionals and and our community.

Policy Programs

We increase access to culturally adapted support and prevention services in English to better address the needs of the English-speaking Black community in Montreal.