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McGill Partnership


McGill Partnership

Over the past few years McGill University has become an important partner. Through their both their “Training and Retention and Community Health programs, we have connected around our common goals of in increasing access to important health and social services in English and of building bridges between health professionals and the communities that they serve.

We hope to do so by encouraging students to pursue their post secondary education in the Health and Social service sector and to inspire graduates to pursue their careers while giving back to their communities here in Quebec. Every year, ACDPN develops a list of recent graduates from the English-speaking Black community in an effort to support public and community partners who would like to have their teams be representative of the communities that they serve. By improving the diversity within the public system, we hope to not only increase access to services in English but also the availability of culturally adapted services overall.

Career Information Sessions

Every year, ACDPN partners with local high schools to host information sessions focused on promoting careers in the Health and Social service sector with English-speaking students. We expose the students to the various the opportunities that exist in these fields with the hope of piquing their interest.

The events are fun filled, where the students enjoy good food and music with a chance to win incredible prizes. We disseminate information about career planning, Cegep and university programs as well as program requirements and scholarships.

Health care professionals from the English-speaking Black community facilitate the event and share their journeys as they deliver keynote speeches. We hope that the students can see themselves and are empowered to believe in their ability to follow their dreams

Mentorship and Internship Program

Every year we welcome several students who are pursuing their post secondary education in Health and Social services fields.

We integrate them into our team in different ways depending on what their course requirements are.

The students are given an opportunity to contribute to our mission and to in return they are able to acquire valuable community work experience. A win-win!

Conversation Cafés

The “Conversation Cafés” are designed to give both students and professionals in the Health and Social Service sector the opportunity to improve their language skills.

We bring together anglophones and francophones to exchange in their second language with the goal of improving their communication skills.

Sessions will include activities from panel discussions to game night and will all be in the name of food, fun and good conversation!

McGill Ingram School of Nursing

The student nurses from McGill have been working with us for their Community Health projects for a few years now.

Every semester, they join our team and together we disseminate important health information to the community. The projects have taken many forms with some of the most popular ones being Mental Health Jeopardy and the development of a Seniors health board game!

The students are a great addition to our health programming, and we hope that they take the experience working with diversity and culture with them as they pursue their careers as health professionals.