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Enhancing Regional Community Capacity (ERCC)


Enhancing Regional Community Capacity (ERCC)

Education Mandate

Over the past few years, our work with the Department of Youth protection we have developed a specific expertise in supporting English-speaking families whose children are being educated in the Francophone school system.

English-speaking Black parents often struggle to communicate effectively with school administrations and teachers in the French-language schools attended by their children.

This lack of communication and inability to develop relationships can have a negative impact on school success and often lead to unnecessary transfers to youth protection system. We will act as facilitators to bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps that exist and implement initiatives to better support families and children.

Satellite office

With the support of the secretariat for relations with Anglophone community we are increasing our reach and opening a new office on the West end of the Island! We are excited for this new chapter and looking forward to the new opportunities that this expansion brings!